Backup NFS shares

This topic explains how you can backup NFS shares:

Backup NFS shares

To backup a namespace with a NFS-based PVC:

Follow the steps mentioned in the Create a backup topic to backup the external storage class with the NFS-based PVC.

The Kubernetes Data Management Platform (KDMP) is a driver in PX-Backup that facilitates different data migration scenarios. It adds support for performing file system based backups and restore of PVCs. The KDMP driver in PX-Backup can backup an NFS based PV, PVC from your local system. You can view the driver details by selecting the vertical menu icon on the backup -> View Json option:

Json KDMP driver

NOTE: Consider a PVC backup that is actively in use by an application pod and the storage provider does not support native snapshot. If you request such a backup, then PX-Backup will access the volume directly from its mounted path on the host using the kubernetes hostpath volume. Such backups run within a privileged container in the kube-system namespace.

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